SEO like a Pick Up Artist


SEO and seduction have got some things in common which I shall explain. This blog post is from a guys perspective. I hope you girls will not be offended. It’s supposed to be funny ;-). If you can come up with a girls version then drop a comment and I shall link to your article.

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Search Terms Report: Killer feature in Google Adwords

Back in 2007 Google launched a report called “Search Query Performance report“, which is now known as the “search terms report”. When I see that Adwords campaigns consist of “broad” and “phrase” match keywords, then this report is the first one I dig into. I have saved companies hundreds and thousands of euros using this report and also bringing in more relevant traffic. In this blogpost I shall explain how you can use this report and what benefits it can bring.

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7 ways to find relevant Linkpartners

To be visible in the search engines it is of the essence that your websites should not have any technical flaws and that you have great content with the right keyword focus. Having said that, this does not automatically mean that you will reach the top of the search engine results pages. To achieve this you will need to build up a richly filled linkprofile: linkbuilding. In this post I shall give you 7 tips in getting good quality links. I shall also explain how you can find relevant linkpartners.

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